Secure your business right away by our athentication application

Simple Registration Process

No Lengthy registration forms, only required fields to create a users account.

Users Logged in

On frequent use of the app users dont have to login each and every time they open the application

Meaningful Error Messages

Error messages are shown on each wrong activities which improves the user experience more.

Interactive UI with both light and dark theme

Our application has modern UI/UX design with eyecatching colors, have both light and dark theme. Which makes its more attractive.

Multiple Login facilities in a secured and systemized way.

User can login to get application access with both mobile number as well as email.

Also have forget password facility by which users can recover their password.

Product Screenshots

Detailed overview of the application

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Password-based Authentication

Email-Password and Username-Password are common types of password-based authentication used in this application

Facility of mandatory use of symbols and numbers

Common and simple words as passwords are restricted

Facility of blocking the use of profile information in passwords

Verification facility for creating New password

Creating new passwords from existing passwords needs verification, where otp wil be sent to your email.

OTP based Login System

Users will use an OTP received via SMS or email to authenticate themself. Thus, users do not have to remember a password, pattern, or PIN to access their account.

Frequent Question

Our Customer Experience Team is available 7 days a week and we offer 2 ways to get in contact.Email and Chat . We try to reply quickly, so you need not to wait too long for a response!.