Fitness Pro

Empowering your fitness business and sales via state of art and fully automated Customer Relationship Management

Whitelabeling and Branding

We will customize the system design and look & feel as per your business branding and preference at no extra charge

Onsite Deployment

For seamless business transition, We will deploy the system on your preferred infrastructure with no additional charges.

Amazing go live support

Even after going live, For any issues, questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to us via our Customer Success team, always eager and ready to reply within minutes.

Simplified and Automated Customer onboarding

Give your clients and yourself a fully automated solution for paying you and managing all your awesome services via single online point of contact

Some Amazing Features

Customer Module

Optimize and personalize your customer experience with best-in-class user experience with features like Dedicated customer Profile, Online session booking, Personalized communications and chat and much more.

Trainer Module

Best customer management experience for the trainers with best-in-class capabilities like booking calendar, client notes, trainer profile, payment tracking and multi client management and much more

Admin Module

Get a holistic view of your business as an admin with features like Analytics Dashboard, Payment Plan Management, Customer Management, Trainer Management, Purchase History, Session history and much more

Online Payments

Personalized payment plans as per your business requirements for your customers so that customers can you pay and track payments in a hassle free manner which can also be tracked in the admin module

Booking Calendar for easy management of sessions

Both customers and trainers can track all the scheduled sessions via a monthly, weekly and yearly calendar

Both customers and trainers can re-schedule or cancellation of booked sessions as per your business rules

Transparent business feedback via review and rating of trainers for completed sessions

Fully secured authentication system

This system has an adaptable authentication and authorization mechanisms in place to ensure the right data access for the right person and prevent unauthorized access via features like secured login, email verification, otp based password reset mechanisms, role based authorization and much more.

A high level view of the system

Need Customization?

Business centric accounting and analytics for the business owners

Detailed and separate revenue analytics based on purchases and sessions

Customer and Trainer management along with customer specific purchase history and session history

Easily manage all the payment plans for your customers without impacting the existing business

Detailed user management with features like force verification, disable logins, login history and much more

Frequent Questions

There is no recurring license cost. There is just one time license cost of 3000$ for using the system lifetime for your business