Curated Cloud Hosting

With 99.99% Uptime

In today's digital era of everything with being reliant on stability and reputation of software products, we provide cloud hosting and maintainence solutions for all the software projects that we work on which are specifically optimized to cater the needs of the project and its timely maintained on both software side and its infrastructure in order to keep them running without any unexpected issues that may result in any downtimes.


Dedicated/Shared Cloud Servers

Unlimited Bugfixes at no extra cost

Free Maintainence and Upgrades

Automated code releases and deployments

Want to focus on your business needs without any technical hurdles?

As per our studies, an outdated product and infrastructure not maintained for an year can lead upto re-spending of 100% of the initial project cost to upgrade depending on various factors. Our hosting and maintainence plans are priced at a fraction of that cost (Starting from 50$/month) that help you attend to your business needs without the fear of extra spending on outdated products, upgrades and issue fixes.

How We Work

Project Analysis

What are the server requirements?

Long term outlook for the project?

Downtime and SLA requirements ?

Scaling requirements of the projects?

Software License Requirements?

Financial Analysis

How much is the infrastructure budget?

Daily traffic estimations?

Who are our target audience?

Realtime support requirements?

Applicable regulations and compliances?

Security Analysis

Type of services to be run?

Security Risk Identification?

Security Risk Analysis and Mitigation?

Service Dependency Analysis?

Infrastructure Architecture Planning?

Deployment Plan

Infrastructure Backlog Planning

Infrastructure Planning and Discussion

Security Testing Plan

Stakeholder review meetings

Go Live and Release Plan


Daily maintained products


Happy Clients


Monthly Monitorings and Upgrades

100K+ USD

Saved on expensive upgrades

Tech Stack

  • Adobe XD

  • AWS Cloud

  • Figma

  • Firestore

  • Expo

  • Javascript

  • Flutter

  • Gitlab

  • Google Cloud

  • Ionic

  • Java

  • Svelte

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • NodeJS

  • Firebase

  • VueJS

  • Angular

  • Docker

  • React

  • Python

  • Neo4j

  • Kotlin

  • Php

  • Swift

  • NoSQL

  • Blockchain

  • Crypto

  • Generative AI

  • DevOps

  • MLOps

  • LLM

  • AI & ML

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