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Our client for this project wanted to start their own SAAS-based business to tackle various educational institutes’ documentation needs.

This client had a rigorous timeline; instead of suggesting a from-scratch solution, we showed the client one of our products, Edocsify, used primarily for software documentation. After a lot of discussion and meetings, our proposal was approved. In addition, an enhancement roster was prepared to customize the solution to cater to their business requirements, including the SAAS-based version of the Edocsify itself.

The outcome was a system that allowed the end customers to manage various documentations from a single CMS, white-label them, and generate a subdomain-based unique link to each documentation along with a hierarchal approach of sections and articles for a better view of the content for the viewers.

This business flow started with a potential customer wanting to purchase a subscription of the system going to the plans screen, which showed all the admin’s plans from the admin panel stated with their features and the number of documentations they offer. The client can then choose to pay via multiple options like Paypal as a Payment Gateway and process the purchases. Once the purchase is successful, the customer receives an automated email containing a username and password to access the system.

After the customer is on board, they can create the allowed number of documentation and manage their content, theme, and analytics, letting them integrate with google analytics as an analytics provider, as a live chat solution.

The documentation will have all these features enabled when viewed via its unique link.

The admin can view all the customers, their transaction history, payment details, other customer data from the admin panel and manage that data. 


As this system consists of emails, all email templates can be customized from the admin itself and any other system management-related tasks like backup, payment gateway, configuration management, etc., thus enabling our client to manage everything from a single admin software documentation panel.

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Date - Jan 15, 2021

Tags -

  • E-Learning
  • CRM
  • MERN
  • Cloud
  • AWS

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