League of Dentists | Growing the e-learning business in educating dentists


This platform was for a brand of Dental Clinics that wanted to grow their e-learning business in educating aspiring dentists about the best dental practices.

The primary aspect of the platform is to make it aesthetically appealing as something related to dentistry. Hence, much UI/UX thinking created a design that can leave an impression that the website is associated with dentistry.

This website supports creating multiple programs from the CMS, which would then be published to users for enrolling. In addition, all the content across the site is editable through the CMS, which allows the admins to manage the site in a more detailed manner without the support of any developers.

Users can view the program’s user-friendliness and enroll in any program by making the payment online and receiving confirmations automatically.


Project Screenshots

Project Glossary


Date - Jun 17, 2021

Tags -

  • E-Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • AWS
  • Cloud
  • PHP
  • CRM

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