NexaCare - Navigating Healthcare Efficiency with Our System

Revolutionize your hospital's operations with our comprehensive HMS (Hospital Management System)

Patient Registration

Streamline the process of registering patients and managing their information.

Inventory Control

Monitor and manage your hospital inventory for optimal resource utilization.

Go Live Support

Our Customer Support team is here to assist you even after going live. Reach out to us anytime with your queries.

Your all-in-one HMS platform

Our software features a comprehensive suite designed to streamline administrative tasks, from patient admissions to billing and beyond.

What Makes NexaCare The Perfect HMS Website

Efficient patient registration and appointment scheduling.

Integration with diagnostic labs and pharmacy for seamless service.

Real-time bed and resource availability tracking for efficient management.

Unified Web Experience

Consistent functionality and user interface on web for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

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Frequent Questions

There is no recurring license cost. There is just one time license cost of 3000$ for using the system lifetime for your business