Automated Software Releases

With Cloud

Through continuous integration and delivery, powered by automated build and release processes, we are able to ship software releases faster. This helps clients stay on budget and cut down on the timeline that comes with manual deployments.


CI/CD Setup over Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab

On-Premises Pipeline Development using Jenkins

On-Premises Private Code Registry Deployment

Application Containerization using Docker

Looking for faster release and quick fixes?

Integrated CI/CD services built into your infrastructure allows you to automatically build, test, and deploy your code across multiple environments. It essentially helps you manage your entire development workflow quite effortlessly.

How We Work

Infrastructure Analysis

How much is the CI/CD budget?

Scope of IT Infrastructure?

How many environments do we have?

What are the release time expectations?

Type of Code Revision Management?

Technical Analysis

Best option for Code Hosting?

What would be the Git Workflow?

Merge checks to be applied?

Unit Testing Setup?

End to End Setup?

Code Repository Analysis

Supported CI/CD Tools?

Number of Projects?

Repository Dependency Analysis

Build Dependency Analysis

Release Notification Integration

CI/CD Setup

Private Registry Setup

Git Workflow Setup

Branch-Environment Mapping

Pipeline Development

Final Testing and Go Live


CI/CD Pipelines


Happy Clients


Automated Releases


Hours Saved

Tech Stack

  • Adobe XD

  • AWS Cloud

  • Figma

  • Firestore

  • Expo

  • Javascript

  • Flutter

  • Gitlab

  • Google Cloud

  • Ionic

  • Java

  • Svelte

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • NodeJS

  • Firebase

  • VueJS

  • Angular

  • Docker

  • React

  • Python

  • Neo4j

  • Kotlin

  • Php

  • Swift

  • NoSQL

  • Blockchain

  • Crypto

  • Generative AI

  • DevOps

  • MLOps

  • LLM

  • AI & ML

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