PDF Merge | Bulk Email Sending and PDF Generation


As an email can contain attachments like invoices, a PDF template can be attached to an email template that will combine with actual data during the email sending or PDF generation process.

For sending the emails, especially in bulk, the user can choose the email template, upload a CSV containing the data of the emails, and this CSV is combined with the email templates to send bulk emails in one go. A User can also schedule the emails on a specific date and time to create email requests in advance.

Project Glossary


Category - Website Design and Development

Date - Feb 27, 2019

Tags -

  • Web Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • MERN
  • Cloud

Client Review

Stephen Bastian

Executive Lead at Messagetothemoon

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Great team to work with. Really helps out a lot and finds solutions for any difficulty we encounter in the project.

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