PDF Merge | Bulk Email Sending and PDF Generation


We got this project from an accounting firm in the Netherlands whose primary target for this project was to automate their bulk email sending and bulk PDF generation scenarios. For reference, The client previously sent the email via mail merge in excel and then generated the PDFs one by one on their local systems.

To tackle these business requirements, we architected the below primary features in the system -

Email Templates: Emails are majorly HTML and RichText; email templates are HTML Templates that allow users to define their markup via a Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor. The dynamic data in the email template can be determined with the help of unique dynamic variables with an option to test the template via email.

PDF Templates: PDF Templates are created the same as Email Templates, i.e., through the Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor with an option to test the PDF template by generating a sample PDF to see how it looks.

Email attachments by linking PDF Templates to Email Templates:

As an email can contain attachments like invoices, a PDF template can be attached to an email template that will combine with actual data during the email sending or PDF generation process.

Automating Email Sending via Email Templates :

For sending the emails, especially in bulk, the user can choose the email template, upload a CSV containing the data of the emails, and this CSV is combined with the email templates to send bulk emails in one go. A User can also schedule the emails on a specific date and time to create email requests in advance.

Project Screenshots

Project Glossary


Date - Feb 27, 2019

Tags -

  • Web Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • MERN
  • Cloud

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