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Our client for this project was a healthcare professional who had the business of counseling various people on their anxiety, procrastination, and depression issues in their lives. Most of these problems were recurring habits and expected to happen more frequently, so a typical approach to solving these issues is to ask the patients a few daily questions about how they improved their practices.

Therefore, our client decided to create a mobile app to automate the whole process by allowing the end-user to answer all the prebuilt questions on the questionnaire provided, after a set interval every time, and show their results over time, outlining their improvements.

This app involves the client who acts as an admin to add new questions and manage them over a span of time and allow the user to add some custom questions in case they want to. 

 The end-user would then answer the questions periodically in a set interval, and after the answers, a scoreboard will be shown to the user. One can track their past scores in a line chart or bar graph and see how they have improved with time.

Project Screenshots

Project Glossary


Date - Dec 14, 2020

Tags -

  • Healthcare
  • Flutter
  • Google Cloud
  • Bots
  • Extension

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