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Our client for this project had the requirement to import the music from various online sources like Youtube, Spotify, Daily motion, etc., which would then be shown in his already created mobile app. So it was majorly API Development and backend-related work using the art of web scraping and automation.

In order to tackle the above business scenario, we created an admin panel for this project which allowed the user to import and organize all the music in various categories, tags, and artists. Users can create unlimited categories, tags, and artists in the system, and while importing the music, the user can define these attributes for the imported music.

The most important part of this system is importing music from online sources to the system. Now importing one song at a time was very time-consuming for the client even though it was purely automated as our client had to import 1 million songs as his first monthly target. So to tackle this, we created a feature of playlist import which allowed the user to import the whole playlist of songs from the source in one go instead of importing the songs one by one. This allowed the import of thousands of songs at one time, efficiently automating our client’s business process. 


One aspect of allowing these imported songs to be streamed to their mobile app was to expose a restful and a streaming API to get various songs and their related metadata.

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Date - Oct 04, 2021

Tags -

  • Web Automation
  • Data Scraping
  • Bots
  • AWS
  • Heroku

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